The silhouette turned and the windows shifted around her, clearly illuminating Andisel in ornate armor, adorned with pale jewels. She was regal in bearing and exuded a confidence that attempted to make Lexx feel even smaller. Her face was clearly Rishan and it confused Lexx further.
“Why, I’m the head of the ADC, Lexx, and you’re going to die within the next 24 hours.” She spoke like she was delivering good news, her full lips turned up in a smile and crimson eyes gleaming as they fixated on Lexx, waiting for his reaction. “Hopefully sooner.”
“You’re lying.” Lexx shouted at her in disbelief. “Who are you?” He demanded again, his nerve beginning to fail in her presence. There was too much security. No normal ADC viewer could afford this. She was a Rishan! “There’s no way the ADC is run by a rishan. There is no way. How did you hijack a priority relay? What do you want?” There had to be something more to this.