“Oh, I assure you, this is authentic.” Andisel couldn’t help but be pleased by Lexx’s response. “I just wanted to deliver the message personally. That’s how special you are. The Gauntlet has been called and the timer is running for you to arrive.” The information began flowing into Lexx’s background thoughts, detailed rules and information about where it was to take place, how it was going to proceed, and Lexx’s part in it all. It was real.
“You have time to rest and say your good byes. I recommend not bringing your human toys.” Lexx felt the blood draining from his face, standing in shock as Andisel turned away from him, the pleasured smile still spread across it. “They won’t want to see what’s going to happen.”


Today, I’ll likely be sitting at home with my husband, maybe I’ll spring for the $10 to send her to an evening parent’s out at the local school, so she can have fun and we can watch West Wing for four hours and eat whatever it is that I find to feed us. 😀 Or maybe, I’ll break down and we’ll go out and have a nice, child free, dinner at somewhere cheap.

I get paid on Monday. :/

Edits: If I get any donations today, first $10 goes to sending Kim out for the evening. Anything else goes to dinner from Dickey’s. 😀 I have a bogo coupon! 😀

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