Lexx walked out onto the wet sand, enjoying the sensation of the cool wet grains on his feet. He recalled how the first time he stepped foot in the sand, it had filled his shoes and irritated him. He would not have walked barefoot into it, but now, it felt good.
The waves rolled in gently, washing up the beach and breaking over Lexx’s feet. His pants were getting wet, but Lexx didn’t care. He stared out over the ocean, spreading his short wings to catch the breeze.
If I win, I am free. The words reverberated through Lexx’s thoughts, carrying with them the heavy weight of the unknown.
Free? Another voice broke through his thoughts, sharp and full of rage. You might have an illusion of freedom, but you will still be part of the game. Lexx found himself pulled abruptly into his thoughts. The dark sky above him was replaced by the crimson and golds of sunset. Golden clouds laced the sky and Riane hovered in the air above him, casting a judgemental glare in his direction.
“You again? What do you want from me?” Lexx rolled his eyes.

—– *Sigh* ——-
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