Everything went dark inside Lexx’s mind.  Being confronted with that again didn’t make him feel angry and defensive like last time.  Instead, he felt guilty.  “I wanted to know,….”  He mumbled aloud.

Riley leaned toward Lexx speaking some words and transmitting the important ones over the relay, “You have me, Lexx. I know I’m not as good, but I actually know you.  I know what is going on.  Chel only knows what you have allowed her to know.  Tell her about the relay.  Let her know things gradually.  Let her know everything,… open and honestly.  Don’t hide things because you worry about what she will think,.. and don’t worry about the ADC.”

That was easier said than done.  Lexx had already told Chel more than he probably should had, but not enough to get him punished in any way.  He wouldn’t risk that.  Riley was advising him to tell her things which he was forbidden to really talk about.  His attempts at suicide had all been written off to the media as simply a mental imbalance.  Few knew the day to day trials he had gone through in the academy.  He didn’t like reliving those memories.  He would be showing a lot of trust toward Chel to tell her everything.