There was silence for a few minutes.  Only the sound of the video game.  Kalvin didn’t say anything.  He didn’t want to end up in an argument between his two sisters. From past experience, he knew better.

“We’re just going to order a pizza and rent a couple of movies.”  Andrea leaned toward Chel, trying to use the same tactics that worked on their parents.

“No.”  It didn’t work on Chel.

Andrea sat back on the hide-a-bed couch.  She folded her arms and sulked, trying something else, “It’s summer!  It’s not fair that I can’t have fun with my friends!”

“Should’ve thought about that before you tried the wine cooler,”  responded  Chel without a second thought.  “I’m NOT going to get Mom and Dad mad at me if you go out and do something stupid.”  It was better to keep on saying that than to give in to Andrea that she could use Lexx against her.

Chel didn’t want to disappoint her parents, but they really couldn’t do anything to punish her.  They couldn’t ground her.  She didn’t have a car and didn’t particularly care to go anywhere.  But letting them down would get to her.