Day 28 – 7
18 Hours 32 Minutes Remaining.
Lexx stepped out of the glowing door and into grass instead of sand. That was a welcome change. Sand didn’t offer the best stability for the start of a match. Lexx took in his surroundings. Whoever he was fighting had selected an area of the island he was unfamiliar with.
Lexx was standing in a patch of long green grass full of golden yellow flowers. They made his nose itch, but their smell was pleasant. The ground rose steeply a few yards away. Rocks broke the carpet of green sparsely until they met the treeline. There was nothing but trees and rocks on three sides. Below Lexx, a thin strip of sandy beach led into the water.
The waves washed up onto the thing strip of beach in slow, mesmerizing patterns, stirring the sand and spreading a thin layer of foam over it. Lexx sighed and looked up at the sky. The sun was high, but the clouds were keeping the heat from being overbearing as they drifted across it.
“Lexx!” Riley popped out of nowhere, literally, slapping his hands on Lexx’s shoulders hard enough make him stagger forward.
“Riley!” Lexx whirled around in momentary annoyance, but Riley had already walked past him. Riley immediately began unbuttoning his shirt.
Lexx stared at him for a moment, thoughts clicking into place. Riley was obviously his opponent. That meant that another battle was unlikely. He would have time to rest. Now why was Riley removing his shirt.
“Ow, ow, ow,” Lexx feigned pain lifting a hand in a mock show of shielding his view of Riley. “Put a shirt on, you’re going to blind me.”
“But then the viewers would turn off their feeds!” Riley laughed. “The happier we keep the ADC with numbers the less likely they will interfere.”