“You did not listen to your master. How can I trust you to do what Chel tells you?” Lexx studied Crash’s eyes, looking for any signs he wasn’t being truthful with him. Despite what Crash had been through, Lexx had to know he would do what Chel told him. Good master or not. Crash chose to disobey. If he did that when Chel needed him, it might have dire consequences.
“Look deeper.” Crash nudged Lexx’s hand.
Older, dimmer memories flooded into Lexx’s view. These were dark, but instead of the cold and noisy pens, it was a nest, lined with soft leaves and fur. There were four chicks, with the largest one being Crash. They were warm and comfortable in their nest until a shaking sensation woke them. Lexx could feel his initial thought, that one of their parents was entering the nest, probably with food. The four chicks were immediately alert and staring at the dark shadow in the entryway to the nest.