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“Proving my statement.”  Zaile snorted derisively, walking past Chel to the door.

Chel  glanced at Zaile, a curious thought dancing through her head.  He wasn’t making any sense.  Inside the relay, he was determined to go forward with what they had had planned, outside, he was suggesting that Chel talk to Lexx about what they discussed, knowing full well what the answer would be if she was the one talking to Lexx.  She would persuade him to do what he wanted to do, not what was safe.

“Why would you want me to influence him to my side and not your plan?” Chel inquired curiously.

Zaile stopped in the doorway, his back to Chel now.  His shoulders sagged, then stiffened.

“Because I don’t care what he chooses to do!” Zaile threw a hand in the air and stomped toward the unfinished, dimly lit hall.