There was someone else here.  He was taller than Lexx with wavy dark blue hair, close to Lexx’s own color.  Blue fire erupted around the figure as he struck a dramatic post.  Lexx made an annoyed face, assuming he knew what was going on.  He glared angrily at the figure as the fire suddenly faded away and he stalked forward.

It was like looking in a mirror.  A mirror that reflected a person a decade older or so.  This rishan was a mature adult.  His features were more angular, his jaw lined more defined and gait full of self confidence bordering on cocky.  The figures clothes were shades of simple brown and plain.  He wore a cloak of dark brown material that was lined with pale blue on the underside.  It looked incredibly soft and for a moment, Lexx had the desire to touch it, but now the figure was standing right in front of him, leaning down so that Lexx could look into his bright green eyes.

He smiled.  This face that looked so much like his own, simply lit up with that brilliant smile.  His hair waved wildly, framing the slightly darker skinned face.  “Not impressed?”  The voice.  It sounded so familiar and yet completely foreign.  There was an accent and it was completely unidentifiable.  Lexx stared at him.  “Neither was your father.”  The intruder laughed joyously, seemingly entertained by Lex’s lack of reaction.

“Riane,”  Lexx shook it off, lifting a hand dismissively.  He didn’t know what she was doing, but he didn’t want to deal with it.  “Please don’t mess with me right now.”

The figure laughed again, his mouth stretched into a wide smile and what he said filled Lexx with chills, “Riane is occupied.”  The image of Riane briefly flashed around Lexx.  She was wandering around in a confusing maze of mirrors that distorted her form and showed reflections that were sure to send her in circles for hours.  Lexx’s jaw dropped in astonishment.

This was not Riane.