This is the layout I intend to use, but I’m thinking about putting a little more space between the lines.  These books are 8.5 x 11 to make the most use of the room it provides for all that text.  When I get to the point I did them RIGHT, the size will go to 7 x 10.  The font is called Georgia and is 12pt.  It reads nicely on a printed sheet of paper. 😀  Opinions?  (An 8.5 x 11 book costs the same as a 7 x 10 book with the same number of pages.  If this book ends with 96 pages, it would be $11 or $12, although it probably should be $15.  The latter is likely what it’ll be outside the initial Kickstarter, because Amazon takes a huge cut. ( The last time I looked at pricing, it would cost more than $20 just for me to get the book made.) That SHOULD hold Day 1 and Day 2, maybe Day 3.  I haven’t fully laid it out because I was indecisive about what I wanted to do.  Now I’m setting on THIS.  I must get a book done so I can move on to the other, easier ones!

Leak was fixed last night after a few more hours of digging muck with our hands.  My hands are stiff and ache a lot right now, which is why I’m only messing with a mouse, however, I am going to begin coloring Alien Dice as soon as I hit post… and make breakfast.