Day 24.3

Chel seethed.  She had never been so angry at a single person in her entire life.  After Chel had been dressed in an outfit that she would never have chosen and then two male littans had forced her to walk behind Trasik through a labyrinth of hallways until they had come to a large room with two chairs and a viewing window on one side.

The two littans stayed outside to guard the door while Chel was instructed to sit down.  Caillem followed her the entire time and then wound around her chair and sat down.  Trasik completely ignored the creature and Chel couldn’t help but wonder why.  Trasik chattered the entire time as though she were giving a tour to a preschooler.

Chel tuned her out until Trasik nudged her.  She was about to snap on at Trasik for touching her when she saw movement through the glass in front of her.  The room had been empty before, but now she could see a young rishan male walking inside carrying a couple of staffs and escorting Karmine, Jayne and Tayne.

The two boys were sent to a bench against one side of the wall.  Karmine was given a staff and the rishan stood in front of her talking.  Chel stared at the scene.  She had been brought here to watch the kids train and while grateful that Pitrea was not among them, it only made her thoughts swing further and further into the realm of wishful thinking.

If she only had a nice, hard, blunt instrument, she would teach Trasik a thing or two about what it felt like to be on the receiving end of someone else’s anger.