Vic and Chel walked quietly down a brightly lit hall until they came to a door with a female kourwine standing just outside it.  She beckoned for them to come inside.  Once inside, Chel and Vic found themselves in a wider hall where several more kourwine were readying equipment and cleaning up a large amount of blood soaked cloths.  Chel stifled a whimper at the sight of all the blood.  They were ushered on around the corner and into a small room that contained a few plastic looking chairs, a cabinet and a bed, which Lexx was resting in.

Chel fixated on him first, noticing that his eyes were closed and the pillow his head was resting on had smudges of blood all over it.  Smears of hastily cleaned up blood also marred spots of the floor.

Then, Chel noticed that a littan was sitting in a chair next to Lexx, talking to him.  “Riley, when did you get – how did you – “  Chel was perplexed.  Riley wasn’t dressed like he had been earlier and his hair was different.  And more importantly, why had he walked past Chel without telling her anything?

The littan turned and Chel immediately realized it was not Riley.  His face had more defined features and was more mature than Riley’s.  He also moved in a slower, graceful manner, whereas every movement Riley made was filled with impatience and a need to be moving.

“I don’t see my son with you.”  The littan frowned, his voice very much like Riley’s, but deeper in tone.

Riley’s father.  Chel felt a cold chill run down her back in wonder.  What was he doing here?