Vic studied Lexx’s features, noting a twitch in his jawline and subtle tells that he should speak carefully. “You remember our prior conversation?”
“I do.” Lexx nodded slowly.
“I’ve changed my mind half a dozen times since then on what needs to be done.” Vic sighed. “Chel can handle this as long as I am by her side.”


This week… was also meant to be a five day week. 🙁 Unfortunately, my laptop problems culminated in laptop overheating, shutting down without warning and losing work. I contacted HP Support today (Sunday) and after several hours of running various diagnostics found two things.. 1.. my laptop battery is DEAD. 😀 No surprise. It is over two years old. Second, over 12.5 gigs of temporary files. 😀 Cleaned it up, blew a huge cloud of dust out of the fan and the laptop SEEMS to have recovered, so I will try again next week… but right now.. it’s 9:40PM and my eyes are twitching and I know they shouldn’t be doing that.

Monday, my hubby and Kim are home for MLK day. Friday, I’m likely going to be down in Dallas with Kim for a behavioral evaluation. I am STILL going to work toward a full week of updates.

– Tiff