Day 27.3


Colors rippled through Chel’s dreams, comforting shades of lavender that drifted into peach and various other soothing colors.  Sparkles of beautiful light flowed through her dream mixing with gently drifting feathers.  Warmth and waves of emotion wrapped around Chel in the dream and she could hear a voice speaking gentle, soft words.  It was Lexx’s voice.

“I would give you the universe if it were within my ability, but I’m afraid all I have to give is not even mine.”  His voice carried a melodic tone, reciting words that had obviously been gone over numerous times.  “I would give you pretty things, precious gems and beautiful rings, if I were able, but I don’t even own myself.

I want to see you happy, but all I seem to sow for reaping is sorrow.”

Undulating shades of blues flowed into the other colors, overcoming them as soft rays of light broke through the blue, very much like sunlight through water.  Chel found herself standing before Lexx, reaching up to touch him as his fingertips brushed over her arms.  She could feel their warm and chills of delight ran through her.

“So I will give you the greatest gift I can.  I give you my life.”  He kissed the top of her head and Chel smiled in her sleep.