Stealth grumbled something and shifted her weight forward, half sliding, half jumping off the bed.  She walked to the door, tails up in the air, their tips twitching in the way of many a scorned feline.  Stealth phased through the door and back into the living area without another word, leaving Lexx alone.

Lexx sighed, considering his actions and telling himself that it was something he had to do.  No matter what happened, he wanted to be remembered and he wanted Chel to know how much he loved her, every night when she went to sleep.  The imprint would play like a recording while she slept.  In a way, he had left a piece of himself behind, but not like the nasty little soul echo that Riane had left him.  He grumbled at the thought, reminding himself he needed to rest, but sleeping wasn’t really an option.

Still, there was a heaviness beckoning him to close his eyes and a little thought.  Riane would not threaten his sleep, and what could she do?  Would she do anything to threaten his success in the Gauntlet?  No, she wouldn’t.  He had to win to put him in any position to aid her goals, even though he didn’t want to.

Other thoughts drifted through his head.  If he won and kept quiet, would the ADC really leave him alone?  Nobody had ever won, but he felt he had a chance.  It was only if he won, that he would be able to speak openly against the ADC.  Lexx’s thoughts became muddled and he slowly drifted into them.

“That’s interesting.”  Lexx wasn’t alone as he fell asleep.