“Lexx, Chel!”  Zeta and Epsy charged into the living area, squealing happily.  They slowed to a less heavy walk and quickly crossed the room, almost upsetting the food cart in the process.  Everyone tried to move out of their way, but their bulk made it difficult, along with the sudden appearance of five pudgy little creatures following in their footsteps.

Somehow, the smaller versions of Epsy and Zeta managed not to get stepped on as they darted around their feet.  For creatures with short stubby legs and such fat blimp like bodies, they could move fast.  An out of breath man and woman in lab coats were trailing them.


Yay!  Babies!  SO HARD TO COLOR THEM ALL!!  😀  No, they do not have names, don’t make my head hurt.

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– Tiff