D’oh, didn’t realize I slipped on text, it’ll be up later today!

Text is up now!  The Patreon has the next THREE pages, plus accompanying text.  I’m going to work on fixing my pacing.  I finally realized why my pacing is so off on AD that it bothers me.  It’s the only one I write text to and I have had it fixed in my mind that for printing… I would have the text on the right, comic on the left of the book.  But you’ll notice as time has gone on, the chapters have become longer and the text shorter, because it ‘lines’ up that way as I’ve changed how I do the comic part.  I’m not going to stick to that plan, because it was a huge headache if the text didn’t match up exactly to the pages and often it didn’t.  Some pages have much smaller needs in text, some more, meaning they’d be out of sync constantly when I compile them and… one of those things I don’t want to deal with while putting together books.  The text will follow the chapters in one chunk when I print, and yes, it will be done by fall.  Right now, we’re trying to figure out what we’re supposed to do with where we live. :/

Just a little note as my husband made a small error in calculating his vacation days last month that reduced his paycheck by aroud $150, if you enjoy my work, consider supporting it via Paypal(on this page), Patreonmailing a grocery gift card, or hitting my wishlist.  You’ll notice that since I’ve begun using Patreon I’ve had a far smoother updating schedule.  I even have enough buffer to update while on vacation!

I will be taking a week off at the end of August to spend only on commissions and owed art, since I’ve had difficulty working them into my workload and future commssions will be a rarity.  – Tiff  (Ugh, mispellings fixed… when I type on my Surface, I don’t have a keyboard for it and sometimes it misses and I don’t see it.)

Yeah, and don’t judge Lexx too harshly, or anyone else for that matter, because this conversation gets worse, then better, but some things will be handled far later.


“Chel,”  Vic turned to her, fixed in a serious and stern expression.  “We can’t have dice breeding unchecked on this planet.  They are not native species.  They can destroy whole ecosystems.”  Chel stared at the floor, feeling the words sink in.  It was true, their intelligence would be a threat, even if she didn’t think it was fair to hold them.

“It doesn’t happen frequently.”  Lexx jumped in to defend himself.  “I have no desire to breed my dice.”

“They are sentient creatures, Lexx.” Vic snapped.  “I don’t believe for a moment that these will be the only babies.”  Stealth, Epsy, and Serenity listened to the conversation quietly, ears back and bodies tensed at the topic going around involving them, but not directed at them.  Zeta and Epsy were too busy devouring what remained of breakfast to be bothered and Swiftpaw wrapped himself around one of Keith’s legs as the boy made every effort to shove food into his mouth and not say anything.  Now wasn’t the time.