Tomorrow is the last day to get one of the last of my metal Alien Dice bookmarks.  I will be recycling the remainder.


He got halfway down the hall when a massive figure stormed around the corner and into the hallway.  This first individual was Justice, a towering man who was endowed with a muscular frame that moved unnaturally fast as he strode toward Vic.  He was wearing a uniform of red, white, and blue.  On top of that, he had a leather jacket that was covered with various advertisements.   A slimmer framed man in a red, white, and blue uniform, covered with a lab coat walked immediately behind him, hands in his pockets and lacking the urgent air that Justice carried.  This was Castle.

The last person was a sharp contrast to the first two.  Chill was petite and her skin was a gleaming bluish white.  Her face was smooth and features formed like a porcelain doll’s, with clear African heritage showing through.  Her hair stuck up in rigid icicles that also encircled her lower arms and calves.  She was dressed in a similar uniform to the other two, but lacked any branding.

“Stop!  That’s an order!”  Vic threw up a hand at the trio, knowing they wouldn’t listen, but it bought the kids a few more seconds as the three slowed to give him time to move.

“I do not take orders.”  Justice boomed, waving Vic out of the way.

Vic obligingly stepped aside, folding his arms and leaning against the wall to let them pass.  Getting pushed aside by Justice was not on Vic’s itinerary for the day, since it might be followed by a trip to the medical unit for a dislocated shoulder.


I worry a tiny bit how this revelation expands the Alien Dice universe, so I’ll not here, now:  No, I do not intend to change this comic into a superhero comic. 😀  As a matter of fact, that big guy’s a big jerk… well, they tend to be just like real people and like getting paid… and selling advertisements on their uniforms.  Castle had an argument with his handler and to spite him, snagged a lab coat to cover his. 😉  He’d rather be back in his city pent house. 😉  Those advertisements, they pay their salary and go into a fund to repair any property they might damage. 😉  So they have an incentive NOT TO DESTROY ENTIRE CITY BLOCKS.

The only reason they have so much thought put into them is because they are part of another comic that I’ve been working on for years that I’ve never had time to work on. 😉