Castle turned to face Vic, “We were contacted to aid ERA in this situation.”  He sounded completely bored and not interested at all in the ‘situation’.

“I know,” Vic shrugged, flashing a quick smile at his wife, which she returned, before turning her blank smile to the three Capes.  “But you can go back to your city.  Everything is under control.”

“The alien is GONE.”  Chill stated with a sigh.  She looked completely crushed and disappointed by this revelation.

“Yes.”  Vic nodded, turning to walk to the other corridor.

“Ah, I wanted to meet a real live alien.”  Chill was immediately standing in his path.  She moved aside enough for Vic to pass, but he still had to walk by her and the air dropped to an uncomfortable temperature  in her vicinity.

“Some other time.  Step aside, I need to speak to the Director.”  Vic waved at her to indicate she should step back further, which she did obligingly.  Chill walked in an uncertain circle away and then after Vic, turning aside as though she was watching Castle speaking to Mel.  Justice just stood there like a smoldering volcano.