Several minutes later, Lexx took a long look at the closest entry way into his island home.  It disgusted him.  There were people milling around a more attractive entrance further down the beach.   Cheerily bright decorations in golden colors were draped all over the place, and there were glimmering gold orbs floating in the air.  So many orbs.  So many people.

This place was supposed to have been a private home, a fortress of solitude in a nice tropically warm area, where it rained and his closest neighbors were colorful birds.   More work had been done to his home and it irritated Lexx.

“Ugh, what did they do my house?!”  Lexx grimaced as they walked closer.  Damian was waiting for them and for a brief moment, Lexx realized that he was grateful to him.  Damian had kept this entrance clear, knowing it was the place that Lexx would be likely to show up at.  He didn’t have to talk to anyone, but still, the decorations!

“You’re early!”  Damian greeted the trio, a bounce in his step as he walked up to them.

“This isn’t a joyous affair, Damian.”  Lexx scowled at his friend.

“It might be!”  Damian protested with a disappointed look.



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