Meanwhile, back at the ERA facility, Victor was in an oddly casual meeting with the ERA Directors, Primrose and Malcolm.  Following a heated discussion with Malcolm, Vic was not backing down in his arguments against the use of CAPES.  Primrose sat quietly, irritated at both men.

“What did you think was going to happen, Victor? We need a way to control Lexx.”  Malcolm scowled across a plate piled high with a variety of donuts.

“He came back.  It was unnecessary to bring CAPES in.”  Vic pointed out, taking a bite out of a chocolate donut.  “He’ll do anything Chel asks him to.”

“We need to put  leash on him so we know where he is at all times.”  Malcolm grumbled.

“He will be wherever Chel is and she was agreeable to doing what we asked.” Vic stated.