Waves washed invitingly up the beach in lazy rolls. Riley blinked a few times as he stepped through the door and into bright sunlight. He squinted, looking up and down the beach near the trees. Maenae was nearby, that’s all that Riley knew from the computer’s locator.
Then he heard the sound of laughter coming from further down the beach, closer to the water. Riley took off in the direction of the sound and within a few steps could see Maenae and two fuzzy dice frolicking in the shallows.
Maenae was barefoot, wearing a simple golden dress, with her hearing dampeners bouncing around her shoulders on their straps. The dice had the cute fuzzy look that made Riley suspect they belonged to Claudia. They were too gentle looking to be used for combat.


A WHOLE PAGE UPDATE!! This is why my buffer suffers sometimes 😀
Oh well.
You’re about to see a bizarre shift in how I color the comics. It’s bizarre, because I love how it looks, but my process says it shouldn’t look the way it does. 😀

– Tiff

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