Down on the beach, the land whale grunted and lifted one foot forward in a sweeping move toward Lexx. Unsure of where the foot was going, Lexx back peddled a few steps. The sand was too unstable for Lexx to move as quickly as he wanted to. It wasn’t suitable for any kind of battling where the larger dice, with its massive feet, had the advantage.
Lexx fluttered his wings out, willing them to lengthen with a burst of energy. It was a small expenditure and with a few strong flaps, he was airborne by the time the creature’s foot came back down in the sand. It gave Lexx a disinterested look as one of its eyes tracked him into the air. The dice yawned and slowly turned around. The foot it had moved was merely the first step in the maneuver.


Prior News

I’m done with the books I needed to get done for the Kickstarter. I didn’t finish editing the last file until Thursday. 🙁 It took a good 4 hours to go through and get a proof made. Too many things the reviewers were nitpicking. I’m still behind, but doing a bunch of coloring today and no houses to look at. We looked at two yesterday and put in offers on both.

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