Lexx carefully picked Chel up, sliding one hand under her legs, the other around her waist. Chel blushed faintly. It was impossible to see in the dark, but she self consciously looked aside with a somewhat embarrassed grin on her face. It was a strange feeling to actually be picked up – and so effortlessly.

Chel slid one arm around Lexx’s neck, careful of his wings and made herself comfortable. Her left shoulder ached slightly, but nothing she couldn’t withstand.

“Hold on,” Lexx took a few steps further out into the yard, then turned and gauged the height of the roof. It wasn’t a difficult jump. He crouched and tightened his grip slightly onto Chel. He was not going to drop her, but just the thought made him want to make sure he had a good hold on her. She wasn’t heavy. Some of the dice weighed more than she did.

Then, he jumped. There was a rush of air against Chel’s face that caused her to lean closer to Lexx for the added security.

“You aren’t afraid of heights, are you, Chel?” Lexx’s feet thumped on the roof, then without hesitation he pushed off sharply into the air. The ground was receding at an alarming rate and for a moment, Chel was afraid.

“-You wait until now to ask me?” Chel’s teeth chattered as she clenched her fingers into Lexx’s outfit. She kept her eyes on the skyline and almost squealed as Lexx fully spread his wings and flapped twice to steady himself against a strong wind. “No, I’m not afraid of going up,” grimaced Chel, looking down. “It’s going down that worries me!”

Lexx smirked, searching the darkness below for a good platform to use in case the wind didn’t hold up.