Chel pointed the remote below Lexx and herself, so that they would fall directly into it. She pushed the button and immediately a swirling golden door swirled into being. It wasn’t even fully formed when Lexx hit it, but they passed through it safely.

“You have got to be kidding me!” The pilot of the helicopter jerked the controls slightly in surprise, not wanting anywhere near the light. “They just vanished inside some sort of light vortex!” He quickly spoke into his radio.

Lexx rolled through the door and ended up banging into the wall of the biosphere with his feet in the air. He grunted and let go of Chel. She awkwardly tried to get off of Lexx, but his wings were cumbersome and in the way. Chel managed to get one foot free and one hand on the floor.

“Well -” Lexx breathed in slowly, a surprised look on his face. “That was fun.”