Yes, I am going to run a contest soon.  The winners will receive a full set of the Alien Dice pins – Sirius, Fly, Stealth and Lexx. There will be two main winners, one for art, one for fiction. I’m going to select two runners up for each category as well who will be able to select one pin they would like.

So you can start now … the contest is very simple and has two categories so that anyone can participate.

The theme is:  Dressing up – Be it for Halloween, Thanksgiving or Christmas.  I want to see AD characters dressed up appropriately. :D

The contest will run until October 15, but do NOT send me anything until October 1st.  The reason is… I’m going to set up a separate email for this so that it does NOT get lost in other email, which has happened in the past with submissions.  Files need to be .jpg or .gif.  You use .jpg for shaded images and grayscale, .gif for flat colors and no shading.

Please do not exceed a pg-13 rating in this.

Required information:

1. Your Name:  The name you want to be known by when you post the image.

2. Your Email (It will not be published, but I need to know where to reach you.)

3. Your website (if you have one):

4. Any commentary you want attached to your submission.

5. Attached image.  Size doesn’t matter as long as the size of the file you send to me if it’s an image… is 500 pixels wide – any height, 72 DPI.  If you don’t know how to do that, I CAN do it. :)  I just don’t want to. :D

Alien Dice Zodiac by Scalasis

Alien Dice Zodiac by Scalasis