If you would like to donate, send paypal over $5. If under $5, use my mailing address.

For the remainder of November and December I’m returning to donation wallpapers/prints.  When you donate, give a name for a character if you like.

The goals are: $75 for a wallpaper and $150 for a downloadable print – The print will be made from the same image as the wallpaper and will be the same quality as I print from, but will contain a small watermark to note that it was a donation incentive to keep people from trying to sell them.  The downloadable print will be available for a month after it’s posted.

Current Talllies:

Drift: $15
Drift: $100 – Drift is owed a Wallpaper!
Swiftpaw: $10

There’s a regular store and a Cafepress store! There’s a Wishlist on shivae.net.