Welcome to all the new people bouncing in for a quick look or longer. 0.0

If you SEE an ad that takes over the page, please screen cap it and tell me about how many pages in you saw it so I can estimate where it’s coming from.  I haven’t received any reports of it, but others have.  This type of ad is not permitted to run on my sites by myself, just like multiple popups.  If you see more than one.. and I don’t think I even have one active right now, let me know similar info so I can fix it.  I do miss out on revenue by not running these ads, but donations typically make up for it and I don’t have to load the page with ads like other sites.  One of the sites I enjoy has a total of … 8 ads on EVERY PAGE. 0.o  I don’t like exceeding four and even then it pains me.  And I have FIOS, so it still loads like lightning, but I hate to imagine people on dialup waiting for twice as many ads.  (I’ve seen comics with a dozen ads. :D)

Next month I will be running the same incentive, only showing the tally. 😀  M-F updates with a minimum goal this time.  I’m going to put up an additional incentive.  I already have the wallpaper ‘war’ for September in mind as well.  I wanted to do it earlier, but won’t have time to devote to it until then.  I do have a convention in August.  Mephit Furmeet is on Labor Day Weekend (Aug 29-31).  It will likely be my only trip out that far to the east or north for a convention for many years.  I will likely also be taking that following week off for obvious reasons.

I still have posters and mousepads to ship out and they will go out this week.