Please, please… the moment an ad hangs or causes a slowdown in loading or tries to do something … evil… LET ME KNOW!  Screen capture it, tell me how long you were on the site, how many pages, etc and what browser/connection you’re using.  I made some recent changes.

Note:  I do NOT allow interstitials, ads which take over your page temporarily, redirect without your permission or serve a popup more than once.  Popups pay a very, very nice amount of money for their annoyingness. :/  I can run them, but I figure donations make up for that loss, the same for making up for people who block the ads.  If you’re going to block my ads, please toss $5 my way every few months. 😀

I do not allow gambling/tobacco/alcohol/drug/dating ads 99% of the time.  I’ve let through some tasteful dating ads.

Typically… sound ads are blocked, but I don’t surf with my speakers on. 😀  I also don’t allow FLASHY ads or computer error ads.  I hate them.

The most obnoxious ads you’re likely to see are layer ads.  😀  (I actually think they’re neat when they’re done right and have removed some that were bad.)

Some of the ad networks I am on are relatively trustworthy, but I cannot SEE the ads until AFTER they have run or I am notified of them.  My primary network I can see the ads right up front.