I finally found a good place to get bookmarks done.. so figured I’d try it. Below you see the front side of a 2 X 6 inch bookmark featuring Stealth and imaginary Zeta and Epsy chicks done in watercolor with a little editing. This was a thank-you postcard. (There will not be a watermark on the actual bookmark.)

And they’re FREE.

Well, mostly free. You can get them two different ways. You can mail me a self addressed and stamped letter and I will put one inside of it and send it back to you for free.  (PLEASE write Alien Dice Bookmark somewhere on your letter. 😉  Otherwise I won’t know which one to give you.)

Or you can donate. Please donate by mail if it’s under $5(or it’s just your preference to do it by mail), otherwise, donations over $5 will get you a LAMINATED bookmark. Over $10 will get you a laminated and signed bookmark. $15 or more will end up laminated, signed and with a tassel of your color choice (Give me a couple of color choices as well). I will also include an extra unlaminated bookmark with the laminated ones.

I kinda wanted to do something that even people with limited money could take advantage of. Two stamps. 🙂 (And I don’t have to deal with addressing the envelope!)

I hope to do one a month in the future.

Oh yeah… this one is retroactive for July as well since I didn’t do anything for July. If you donated in July and would like one, just let me know. I can track it down and get one in the mail when they arrive. (I should be ordering them next week and I will not be placing a reorder once I run out, but I may hold back a dozen or so.)

Edited to answer questions in the comments:

The back is black with white lineart. It can be a surprise. It also has Alien Dice in a nice font. 😉 And my name and stuff. Because this is the first one, I want to gauge interest before paying the higher price for double sided color. I will be hand laminating them, rounding the corners and punching them on the tail side (right side) for tassels, so the ONLY laminated ones will be those ordered or set aside for future uses.

Yes, you can mix and match options/bookmarks/whatnots. Just use a general rule of $5 for each ‘feature’ like lamination, signing, tassel, etc… and some of them will end up with additional adornments from my bead collection.