For August, we have a new drive with multiple incentives.

First of all, we have a free bookmark. If you don’t see that post below, you can read it here. (Not technically free since the minimum cost is two stamps and two envelopes.) I SHOULD get them in on Monday, then need to hunt down some bookmark tassels around here. ๐Ÿ˜€

Second, the incentive goal. This is for September updates and is pitting AD against Akaelae. The top comic gets M-F updates if the goal of $1,000 is reached. If both comics go over the goal, then there will be extra updates for the second comic as well, just not M-F. (I’m scripting a black and white side story to this chapter.)

Third, name a character when you donate. I’m going to prepare a page a bit later for extra donation wallpapers. Currently, we have Drift with $5 toward a wallpaper and Zeta with $12 toward a wallpaper. I’m thinking about having Wallpapers accumulate to $50, another $50 and it’ll turn into a downloadable print. (It will probably contain a small watermark to separate it from my own prints that way I don’t have anyone ‘stealing’ it and trying to sell it. You’ll be able to know if someone’s taking advantage of my work in ways they shouldn’t.)

Now, because some readers ask me this: Donations are going toward groceries, gas, medication, doctors visits (I have two upcoming, Kim has two as well this month. Fortunately we have insurance so they only run $25-$35 each.) They are also going toward Tax free weekend to stockpile clothing for Kim. ๐Ÿ˜€ She starts school in just a few weeks and I will suddenly have… a REAL WORKING DAY! I will no longer have constant interruptions. ๐Ÿ˜€ It’ll be like when I was updating multiple comics all at once! (And I do intend to take AD back to 3 times a week full page updates if I can manage it once she goes back to school.)