Check back around noon.  Gives me plenty of time.  I only have hair and backgrounds left to do.

The cause of the delay is that earlier today, I started getting a headache while preparing dinner.  It was very hot.  I wasn’t hot, but good grief, I began sweating and feeling really horrible, so I took some advil, left the hot kitchen and laid down for awhile until it passed.  It did after awhile, but I lost two hours of work time since I am still feeling icky.  Since it’s 10PM, I figure it’s time to go to bed and get well rested.

There are three story sections that I would like to do right now… that I’m contemplating.  I may hold them up for a vote.  1.  Zaile  2. Lexx 3. Zeta and Epsy.  I’ve already written Zaile’s little section, but I realize covering all three of those is going to take more time than I want to give them.  What would y’all think if I did a few arcs as side arcs in black and white?  Please comment.