Episode 6 is complete! Yay! Kind of a milestone of sorts, since it’s the end of Day 2 and would have been the end of a season (if we had decided to stick with doing seasons…) Since it’s sort of a special episode we decided to do something a little… Different… So FYI, I highly recommend you DO NOT skip the Newscaster piece OR the end credits, or you’ll REALLY be missing out!!! 😉 (On that note, I hope we don’t get sued for the obvious spoof we’re pulling in this episode… Kudos to the first person that can tell me WHAT we’re spoofing…)

The ‘joke’ at the beginning and the end of this episode is something I’ve been wanting to put together for a long time, ever since a certain conversation was started in the forums a few months ago regarding Newscasters. 🙂 I’m so glad that it ended up showing in this episode or I may have very well gone crazy while working on this one. The content of this episode is just so dark, and depressing! Reading this story arc was one thing, but actually LISTENING to it was a different experience all together, especially considering I had to play takes of Lexx screaming over and over again until I got the segment to sound right… :-/ Needless to say, I think it works out nicely that there’s something completely random and goofy in this episode to ease up the dark-serious tone the rest of it carries.

I am sorry I was late again… Ironically enough it WASN’T the sound effects that caused me problems this time (there were hardly any in this episode)! The real problem was having such a HUGE cast! I’ve gotten so used to working with our regular actor’s lines that tossing some new ones in totally threw me for a loop! Still, I’m really thankful for the many great actors that helped us out on this one! Great job guys!

And if you’ve been wanting to get involved, good news! We’re going to be opening up another casting call for several parts within a few weeks, so stay tuned!

As a side note, Congratulations to Lexx and Newscaster #5! 🙂

– Ceres –