Neither goal was met for AD’s updating this month.  It will remain on a MWF schedule and is fourth on the update priority list.  That may change once I am able to get to the post office.

For September, we still have multiple incentives.

Bookmarks from last month should go out this week, btw.

This month… we have pens! These are black pens with a picture of Zeta and Epsy from the Splash! poster!  It’s split into three sections around the pen.

Some people have already received one of these.  They have black ink in them and work really well!  I have about fifty of them, so they are first come, first serve!  This incentive will be for donations over $5.  I am going to continue to send out a plain bookmark for mailed letters that include a stamped, self addressed envelope.

Second, the incentive goal. This is for October updates and is pitting AD against Akaelae. The top comic gets M-F updates if the goal of $1,000 is reached. If both comics go over the goal, then there will be extra updates for the second comic as well, just not M-F. (I’m scripting a black and white side story to this chapter.)  If the goal of $500 is reached, then there will be MWF updates along with an extra black and white side story update. (If it reaches $1,000, I will also remove the banner at the top of the page for a month.)

Third, name a character when you donate. I’m going to prepare a page a bit later for extra donation wallpapers.  (Obviously I haven’t had time to do that yet.) Currently, we have Drift with $15 toward a wallpaper and Zeta with $62 toward a wallpaper. I’m thinking about having Wallpapers accumulate to $50, another $50 and it’ll turn into a downloadable print. (It will probably contain a small watermark to separate it from my own prints that way I don’t have anyone ’stealing’ it and trying to sell it. You’ll be able to know if someone’s taking advantage of my work in ways they shouldn’t.)

I currently owe a Zeta wallpaper. 🙂

Now, because some readers ask me this: Donations are going toward groceries, gas and bills.