Basically, I was given a Tablet PC as a birthday gift by a reader early in the year.  Tablets are wonderful.  It has replaced my desktop… even though it’s not MEANT as a desktop replacement.  75% of the time I have my screen turned around and work on it from the screen only from Thursday – Sunday.  Working on just the screen … means that I do not have a keyboard in front of me and I don’t like hunting and pecking or writing on it at that angle. 😀  So … I READ every email I get. 😀  Then it’s marked read … and I forget to respond. :/  I do this a lot.  I am a very forgetful person.  I’ve begun putting stars next to emails to remind me to respond… but then got distracted again. 😀  I AM going to answer every email that I get, but it may take awhile and I’m sure you’d rather have text first.

So if I don’t respond for a long time or at all … don’t take it personally … I’m just very forgetful. :/