Posting early cuz I’m sick and wanna go to bed, and the delayed post thing didn’t work for some reason… *grumble* I’ll get it next time…

So first of all, everyone head over to the site so you can hear our brand new episode!

Sorry for the delays, I’ve been working on other things… Namely podcasts and c.d.’s! I’m hoping to release both soon. In answer to some of your questions, we haven’t decided on a price for the c.d.’s yet, but they’ll be reasonable I’m sure. Also, if you auditioned for one of the previously available parts, I’ll try and contact all of you this week. Now that this episode is out of the way I’ll have more free time. This one’s really been hanging over me… XD

Anyway, enjoy Episode 7 Day 3, which includes the infamous ‘not a date’ scene. This is one of MY favorite early scenes. But then being a typical girl, I do tend to like the cute stuff better than the action stuff… XD