Soo.. if I were to DO a little 6″ or 8″ resin statue, who would you like to see it done of?

I ask, because I assumed that Artsangel’s Jonas Statue was a Gensen figure and then discovered that Patch Together is now doing ON DEMAND items. I had seen the site before, when it was new and didn’t have a lot there. 😀 Obviously, fully painted resin figures are not cheap. You can get an idea of the prices currently on their On Demand section and then let me know if you’re interested.

Further Update:  Ok, for the first one of these, I’ll probably do Side 2 Stealth (Really cute image I have) , Side 1 Drift (DDR) or Side 2 Zeta (Bad Human).  4 inches tall.  I’m going to show off the images as soon as I get a moment since I have the basic poses I’d like to do and they’d be something like what has appeared in the comics or in other artwork.  The DDR and Zeta Bad Human reference are easy to figure out.  Once I show them what I want to do, they’ll let me know the details and I’ll know how much a prototype will cost.  Feasibly, they would all eventually be done, but I know that the majority of my readers ARE college students and thus… not exactly rolling in dough right now.  I don’t want to offer something that’s going to cost $50 and I will keep that in mind while pricing them.  This is more of a ‘I’d like to make it available and have one of my own’ as opposed to ‘I want to make a good amount of money’ type things. 😀  The kicker is … there would have to be 50 orders before I could get them done.  You would not be charged until they go into production.  AD is averaging almost 7,000 unique viewers a day. 🙂  So I KNOW there are a lot of people out there and the typical 1% that participate in such things would put it at 70.

I figure that 4 inches is a nice size for displaying on a desk or anywhere else for that matter. 🙂