I’ve been considering doing this for awhile (after I finally get those pens mailed out, which should be this week.)  I’m considering having a double sided dog tag printed as a promotional item.  It will come with a 24″ chain, cellphone loop or keychain attachment.  They’re standard sized and would have these two images on them to start with:

Minimum donation to get one will be $5 – $10 … which includes shipping in the US, Mexico and Canada – Add $1 for everywhere else.  🙂  I just need a number of people interested that would equal the base price of the minimum amount I have to order.  I have two prices (even though the standard would be $10), because I would like to make it available to whomever wants one.  Please respond with your interest.  I will be using it to guage whether I should do this or not since I will likely pay for this one up front.