Update: Voting concluded, Method 3 has won. Thank you for suggestions on layout programs. The big issue is that Ka-blam has me doing each page individually in images, although they can also handle pdfs. I will probably try out Scribus.

I’m going to try to get this book up to 200 pages, in color. That will make the final price of a color copy around $25 … unless I get enough orders to do a large print run, then it’ll only be $15.

Ok, I’ve finally finished going over the day 1 text and have begun laying out the book.. only I really need help on this part.  I know which one feels the best to me, but what feels best to me is of little concern.  I need to know how the reading experience would be for everyone ELSE, since you’ll be the ones buying it and I need to choose the best format to sell… since I have to pay for it. 😀  PLEASE leave your opinions and note the finished size of book one will be standard comic book sized in full color AND a black and white graphic novel sized version. (The sizes are not up for debate, just the layout.) This is only for the first book, since the rest of the books will have actual, normal sized comic book pages halfway through day 3. 😀

NOTE: NO strips or updates would be lost. I’m not sure where people are thinking it’s going to be lost. There are just blank gaps in method 2 on some pages, where nothing went anyway.

BTW, there IS A black and white graphic novel sized book of day 1 available through Keenspot. This one was done with the comic and the text divided. I got a lot of feedback from those who did purchase it that they really wanted the text near the comic instead of in the back of the book. 🙂

*Additional suggestions I’ve received:
*Make the book a flip book, with the comic on one side, then flip it over with the text on the other.
*Put the comic pages all together and the text all together in two separate sections.
*Making the images larger for method #2 is really not an option because it would result in a LARGE amount of wasted space. Three across and three down is as good of a fit as I can get to make the most use of the space.

I’m starting to think I really need Adobe PDF to do stuff like layouts. 😀 Photoshop is a pain to do text with and I’m sure I’m ineffecient.

*Option 1 has been removed to bring it down.. rather tightly … to between 2 and 3. I will make my decision based on comments up til this evening. And for clarification: NO images will be removed and the text next to the first image on option 3 is not the actual matching text. 😉 It’s just to show text, not the right section or even the indentions I realized. 😀