Stealth and Zeta Sticker Options
1 set Stealth and Zeta Stickers $2.00
Additional Zeta Stickers $1.25
Additional Stealth Stickers $0.75
3 Stealth and Zeta sets $5.00
5 Zeta Stickers $5.00
5 Stealth Stickers $2.50

Since I’m also doing this on Cyantian.net, here’s AD’s options to try this out. Let’s try this one out! This is a nice little 2″ x 2″ sticker of Zeta and a 1″ x 1″ sticker of Stealth. There are several ways to get them. You can donate/purchase a set for as little as $2.00. If you are able to order two, please do as a minimum (especially if you’re in another country), but for this one, it’s not a requirement. You’re free to use the regular donation buttons or the shopping button, just let me know how many stickers you want. Keep in mind that Paypal does take their cut out of each seperate transaction, so buying one Stealth sticker will leave me with .75 – 35 (base paypal fee) – 42 (postage) = -.02. I will be rejecting ALL purchases of just one Stealth sticker, because I also have to pay to get these done.
You can send a dollar and a SASE to me for each sticker (2 Stealths. Don’t send change through the mail please.):

Tiffany Ross
P.O. Box 292171
Lewisville, TX 75029

Stickers go out in February!

And updates return on Monday, before anyone forgets my vacation time. 😀