Since I was asked a LOT about Book #1 with text at Furry Fiesta .. the moment I got home I used my time to work on it and I’m almost done doing the touching up. I will not be doing as much on the next books. πŸ˜€

Now.. the big problem is that I’m looking at a book that if I go through Ka-Blam will cost ME $20 per book for a 150 page, full color, comic book sized, perfect bound book. But if I do what a lot of other people are doing and take preorders for a huge mass publication they will cost far less – the only problem is it’d still cost me probably 7K or 8K. I won’t know exactly how much until I ask for a new quote with the exact numbers and specs, but the cost per book would be HALF of what I’d pay at Ka-Blam, thus… I could most likely have the books in the $15 range instead of the $25 range and I’d honestly profit better. πŸ˜€

This is why I haven’t said more about the toy – I want to do the toy and I will, but it’s on the back burner because I should do the book first.

I’m sure most of you who would buy the book would be able to purchase a $15 one over a $25 one and I will likely be trying to make arrangements with Ka-blam to distribute the book to comic book stores as well, so you can get it there.

I really don’t have any choice but to publish in this way, because day 1 by itself … is too big to send through Ka-blam without it being perfect bound, although I am likely going to keep the cheaper version for those of you who want to purchase them in pieces. πŸ˜‰ There will still be mini compilations of comics in color and text in black and white. I’m going to set that up soon for Day 2 and then compile the text for print in a separate black and white book. It’ll come out cheaper in the short run… even though it’s somewhat inconvenient.