I’m not willing to gamble on getting a full trade done at a good price with the current state of things. So I’m TRYING very hard to fit Alien Dice #1 into a 52 page comic book sized book. I discovered that my font was a little too big so I’ve reduced it a little, which is fitting it perfectly and will hopefully eliminate the full pages of text that WERE there. I’m only up to page 13 in redoing it, but by my count it SHOULD be doable and there will finally be a FULL color print of AD #1 with text available! (And the text is actually syncing up pretty well.) It would also likely be available for $10 AND you could pick it up at your local comic book store. 😀

I put this into perspective.. I believe the 100 or so people who got a copy of my original black and white self done printed book … got it for $10. The manga version out of Keenspot was also $10, but also black and white.

Once I get Day 1 out, the rest should come out quicker. I’m NOT GOING TO GO AND TOUCH ANYTHING UP.. unless it just really, really bothers me. 😀 I made quite a few minor edits to noses and mouths… and added shading … I shouldn’t have done that. 😀

Maybe someday there will be an actual full color trade collection, but that would be VERY expensive right now – $25-$30 unless I came across $8,000 😀 Which isn’t going to happen. And if it did, I’d pay off all my bills with much glee instead of buying books.