Well, that was working out well.  I assumed that the chip in page was actually linked TO FROM the chipin and it has all the information for this month. 9.9  I’m going to email them about that, because it doesn’t make sense to have it AFTER the donation is made.  I didn’t put any text in it this time to avoid the cutoff that happened last month and wanted to make it smaller, so HERE are the details for this month:

Fall Wallpaper

For the Fall Wallpaper, I have in mind to do something nice and fall oriented, with lots of colorful leaves. So when you donate, be sure to note the name of your favorite characters to be involved in this wallpaper! I will pick the top favorites.

The number of characters included will directly depend upon the amount raised starting at $300. A new character will be added for every $100 over $300.  If the full goal is reached, there will be an additional prize, but I’m not saying what it is.