You’ll have to click the comic image on the right that says: Latest Comic.  If you hover your mouse over it, it’ll go even further and give you the date so you can see exactly when the last update was.  There IS a hidden method to bookmark a url that will show you the most current comic, but you must pass a test first.

(Would it be easier to see if I put it on the LEFT side?)

The reason the comic has moved is 1.  People who ask me questions about stuff that’s IN the very page they’re asking me questions about. and 2.  Advertising companies are fickle and advertising is what’s paying my bills.  I didn’t do it to increase pageviews.  I did it so my site is not mistaken for a comic site without contextual content.  Yes, it’s obviously NOT, but as I just said… advertisers are fickle.  I’d rather not risk getting removed because they think I only have images on my site and am removing that impression entirely.

It is possible that the comic can return to the index page, but only if I’m comfortable with it.  Personally – I PREFER the comic on the index page, but this is better than the comic stopping updating, which is what would happen if I lose another advertiser.  Losing one was bad enough.  (I’m still awaiting a real explanation on that one. 9.9  I think they just wanted to keep my earnings. )  One of those ways that would make me comfortable is securing a way to offer adfree viewing to subscribers.  I’m working on it.  When that is implemented, the comic WILL return to the main page.

Oh … and I AM trying to find that stupid green ad that keeps covering the entire screen.  I know the url and everything, I’m just having a difficult time getting it OFF my site.

Update: Update:  Frumph is working on something that might help… I won’t know until I see it. 😀