Updates for the rest of the week did not go up due to the work I did in preparation to move the site around and such.  There will not be any delays once we actually ARE able to move to the new system since I know what I need to do now and the bugs are worked out.  The new system will have a new membership feature.

I had three wallpapers in various states of finish that were SUPPOSED to go up starting today. :/  Right now, I just need to ink one page to be on track for normal, BUT – notice the BIG but  – I was at Children’s hospital in Dallas last night from 1 to after 7 with Kim.  She began running a really high fever, most likely over 104.1, which is the best we could record on the thermometer due to her shaking and coughing.  With her history – we thought it best to go to Children’s ER and get her looked at.  Kim ALSO stayed up the entire night along with my husband.  (I slept until noon.)

So, she has Swine Flu AND Pneumonia.  She was released this morning to be watched with certain conditions of taking her back if things get worse.  Right now, as I’m typing this, she has a fever again and I’m watching it.