I still have wallpapers to post (and repost since the Chel one is now missing.)  There won’t be one for this month.  Site moves and sick kid took their tolls on the last two months.  I’m still working on the ad free viewing.  Currently, you can sign up and have ALL of the ads except the box ad removed.  (It WILL also be going once I test out a new feature here.)

To get ad free viewing, especially useful for going through the archives, you must 1.  Have an account here.  2.  Be sure cookies are enabled and 3.  Pay $15 for 3 months, which is the special introductory fee.   Just use the paypal button and tell me who you are.

Once you get an account, it SHOULD keep you logged in once you log in for awhile.  It will work for all of Aliendice.com (possibly shivae.net… I haven’t tested it yet.)

And by the way, payment need not be monetary .  I’m in great need of grocery/gas cards.  Groceries and gas are obviously the two most important things.  I commonly use Tom Thumb, Albertsons and Kroger.  We have Target and Walmart around here as well and most of the basic gas stations.  Just let me know you’re sending one and your user name.

Any little bit helps.  It adds up.

I’m working on upcoming books, but comic work and well.. the backlog from the last two months of ups and downs are also heavier priorities.  One of those things WAS the text, which I spent Monday and Sunday getting current!  Next is the wallpapers, before I start doing much else on the books.  If you want to submit some artwork for the books, let me know (and uhh… I have a nagging feeling that I owe several people books who did art for the first one.  Email me please.)