Ok, thinking about doing my first physical incentive in over a year.. back to the charms, only THIS time, going to do Acrylic charms that are 1″ in size to start with. Full color, with a hole in them to do what you’d like with them or have them turned into keychains/book thongs/earrings/cellphone/gadget loops .. and instead of starting at $10, they would start at $5, including shipping in the US, $6 outside. $5 would get you a simple charm that can easily be mailed in a simple envelope. ๐Ÿ˜€ (No special packaging like the metal pins.. which occasionally broke through the packaging. ๐Ÿ˜€ ) $10 would get you your choice of keychain or cell/gadget loop. $15 would get you a pair of earrings.

So NOW… I need SUGGESTIONS for what character to do first. I’m thinking Drift in either cute little fluffy form or huge fluffy form or a cute Chibi Lexx and Stealth.

Ok, Stealth and Lexx are number one choices so I will work on a couple of designs of each, although I have some cute Stealth ones that will likely work just as well. For the first set, they will be one inchers. Next set will likely be bigger and involve two characters.