Art Cards Added to the Store

I’ve added the Stealth and Fly and Fly and Lexx cards to the online store for $25 each.

The charms ARE in and they WILL go into the mail next week. I’ve had a few delays … mostly centering on the lovely finding on Tuesday of termites eating our couch. 9.9 The couch went into the dumpster that night and then I had to spend two days pretty much scouring and going over all of our furniture and behind it to make sure nothing else was infested. That kind of cut into work time. :/ We have a used couch for now. It appears that our apartment complex IS aware of the termites (I had seen them when we moved in three years ago, but had assumed that they were just flying ants… until we saw the damage.)

Getting the charms in the mail is on the top of my list TO DO as soon as this weeks comics are done, which I am working on right now and then I will also get photos of the charms and post the extras up for sale.

Now .. I just hope I can get ONE week without something weird happening. 9.9 It’s driving me bonkers.