Charms are IN and UP!

Ok, I JUST had time to put the charms together for those who ordered them yesterday (and split my fingernails in the process… using a double ring instead of a split ring after an experiment with Kim resulted in a very quick loss of an item on a split ring). They will be going into the mail SOON. I just have to get some bigger rings for the Swiftpaw one, because the ones I have got caught on his ear and now I have a charm I have to cut the ring off of since it’s fixed in an awkward spot. 😀

The charms are now in the store and here are the direct links for Dash, Stealth and Swiftpaw. I have a limited number of them and likely won’t redo this lot, but I do have more in mind to do, probably from that last batch of images I posted … like the Dash ones.

4 thoughts on “Charms are IN and UP!

  1. Hay Tiff, I got a Stealth one and I ordered the Swiftpaw Keychain version, what do I do? D:

    1. You email me with your mailing address and the problem. 🙂

  2. That image URL doesn’t seem to work. doesn’t resolve.

  3. I clicked the links above to take a look at the charms, but got a “page not found” error.

    Been a while. While I really enjoyed the detail many of your art pieces used to have, the current style is quite expressive, and on some things manages to convey detail with less lines. It’s been interesting watching your art evolve from the early Cyanthian comics till now.

    From what I’ve seen you’ve been able to make a living with your comic-making, and I’m glad.

    I hope you eventually re-open the general store, I’ve got some reviews I’d like to put in on those totes, if they’re still for sale when you do.

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