Alien Dice book #2 / Day 2 IS in preorders NOW.  This means that I’m going to spend 2 weeks taking orders, then place the order and it will be around a month until I get the books and then ship them out.  Orders close on August 23rd.

Uhm… WHO sent me this piece with Zeta trying to lick a startled Stealth? I THINK I know who, but digging through my email is not jogging my memory and I need confirmation so I don’t put the wrong name on it. 😀

And, here are the two books. First, we have AD #2 which takes up where AD #1 ended with Chel leaving Earth to go with Lexx. This one contains the rest of Day #1 and all of Day #2 with the capture of Fly and ends with Lexx contemplating staying on Earth. It ALSO contains a 3 page short story featuring Stealth and a handy ‘secret to know’ about Sivarile. This book is standard comic book size with 48 full color pages and stapled. It’s going to be $6 plus $2 standard shipping in the US/Mexico/Canada (If you want to ensure it against loss, add another $2… I have replaced lost books in the past, but I can’t afford to do that anymore.)  Insurance isn’t available for anywhere outside the US.  Outside the US, shipping will be $4.

The other second edition is the comic only edition, which covers DIFFERENT parts of the comic.  This one takes up starting with the three part Stealth extra and then goes into Day 2 … and Day 3.  It has more comics, NO TEXT – repeated again- and it’s a manga sized/minicomic stapled book with 48 pages of content also in full color.  It’s $5 with the same shipping as the first one, add $2 for in the US/Mexico and Canada, add another $2 if you want it insured against damage, $4 to ship outside the US.

IF you want me to sign them, please add $5 to your order (more as a donation than anything, .. honestly … if you ask me to sign them, I likely will.)  I’m going to stop carrying the comics online myself, so getting them signed outside of a convention and preorders is likely not going to be possible.  They take up a lot of room .. and I have a child who has mangled quite a few of my books. 🙁

Now, I’ve had VERY few books damaged in the mail, but it happens.  I’ve had a few that were lost, some repeatedly to the same people … usually outside the country.  Maybe they get stuck in customs or something.  It happens, rarely, but it does.  If you know you have a postal worker who likes to mangle or fold things, get the insurance.   I WILL have the packages marked DO NOT FOLD and will pack them with comic book backing boards.

Please use the paypal button on the upper left side of the page to submit payment and note what you want, Alien Dice #2 either WITH or WITHOUT text.

OH and if you want to order Alien Dice #1 with or without text, they are the same prices.  I need to order some more anyway for conventions. 😀  If you have any further questions, just ask.

– Tiff

* Little Note:  The books will be $8 and $7 most likely when they go up on Indyplanet and in stores.  Looks like the prices have gone up and they do not allow me to charge less than 100% markup.